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Micrometer Standards

November 25, 2019

All shops have mic standards of various sizes. We can calibrate your shop micrometer standards up to 80 inches. While your standards are being calibrated, send in your ID and OD mics so we can calibrate them at the same time. Average calibration turn time is about 5 working days. For more info, email Daron or call 425.672.7307

Snap-On Industrial Brands

November 18, 2019

Did you know that RPTS is a master distributor of Snap-On Industrial Brands? We carry products such as Williams and Bahco hand tools and CDI/Snap-On built torque wrenches. RPTS is the only calibration lab in the Pacific Northwest that not only calibrates tools, but sells and repairs torque wrenches. For more info about Snap-On Industrial brand tools, contact Mark Naron.

Robb Precision Tool is an Authorized Starrett Service Partner

October 21, 2019

Have a vision system you need certified? RPTS is an authorized Starrett Service Partner, specializing in certification & repair of Starrett vision systems. Contact Bob Kelley for more information.

Granite Plate Lapping & Certification

October 11, 2019

RPTS is one of the only labs in the Northwest that performs lapping of granite surface plates. If your plate is out of spec, we can help. Contact Matt Campbell for more information.

In-house or On-site Calibration

October 1, 2019

What fits your shops needs, in-house, or on-site calibration? RPTS has a very efficient in house turn time. On average, we are about 4 to 5 working days for calibration. If you need an expedite service, yes, we can accommodate your shop turn times. On-site calibration, yes, we can come to your shop in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho to calibrate. Send us your calibration list and we will quote out your job. Contact us by phone at 425.672.7307, or by email at

Calibration of Starrett, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, and other precision hand tools

October 1, 2019

Your shop has a variety of precision hand tools like calipers, OD and ID mics, dial indicators, and the list goes on. RPTS can help you keep your tools clean, in order, and in calibration. Whether it’s a six month or one year calibration cycle, RPTS can accommodate your shop needs. For more info about in-house or on-site precision hand tool calibration, contact Daron Otis.