Precision Calibration

Certification in a controlled environment

What we calibrate

RPTS calibrates all types of precision measuring instruments, including torque wrenches, micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, surface plates and more.

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Our technicians

RPTS technicians pursue a high standard of quality, taking pride in each job. They consistently provide a great balance of turnaround time and quality.

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RPTS follows ISO/IEC 17025 & ANSI/NCSL Z540 requirements with comprehensive training and ongoing testing to ensure the most recent methods are followed.

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What sets us apart?

On-site calibration

Our techs will travel to your facility. Whether you have larger machines, a collection of different tools in need of calibration, or just need it done quick, let us come to you!

Surface plate lapping

We're one of the only service providers in the Northwest than can lap your surface plates back into spec. Whether you need your plate at grade AA, or just shop grade, we can help.

Talk to a tech

Unlike some labs, our technicians make themselves available. We'll talk, answer your questions, find new solutions, and discuss your job, anytime. Give us a call, or come in!

Pick-up & delivery

Our driver is out every Monday, picking up and dropping off tools. It's a painless way for you to get your tools in and out. Let us know if you'd like to be on our Monday stop!

Our capabilities

   Angle Plates
   Cable Tensiometers
   Calipers - Digital, Dial & Vernier
   Caliper Gages
   Chamfer Gages
   Clamp Meters
   Co-Ax Gages
   Crimping Tools
   Cylinder Gage
   Dial Bore Gages
   Dial Depth Gages
   Dial Gage Calipers
   Dial Indicating Micrometers
   Dial Indicators
   Dial Test Indicators
   Dial Thickness Gages
   Durometers
   Dynomometers
   Electronic Indicators

  Electronic Scales
  Gage Blocks
  Hardness Testers
  Height Gages
  Hole Micrometers
  Intra Micrometers
  Linear Scales
  Micrometer Heads (all types)
  Micrometer Standards
  Micrometers (all types)
  Miracle Points
  Optical Comparators
  Pin Gages
  Plain Ring Gages

   Platform Scales
  Pneumatic Torque Drivers
  Pocket Thickness Gages
  Pressure Gages
  Sine Plates
  Slide Calipers
  Spring Scales
  Surface Plates (cert & lapping)
  Thread Plug Gages
  Thread Ring Gages
  Torque Testers (to 2000 ftlb)
  Torque Watches
  Torque Wrenches (to 3000 ftlb)
  Vacuum Gages
  Vision Systems (Starrett Certified)

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